What Distinguishes My Business and Real Estate Investment Coaching and Consulting Practice From Nearly All Others and Is The Foundation of My Results Guaranteed Coaching Program

Fail Proof System!

There is a fail proof system to organize and manage any business. In fact cities and countries should use the system. Note this does not mean it is cookie cutter. It must me adopted for your company.

Successful Experience

I have extensive experience as an executive, business owner, entrepreneur, consultant and coach in the following industries:

Real Estate Investment – the focus of my business now
-Convenience Stores
-Women’s clothing (big international business)
-Auto Parts
-Heave equipment
-high tech
-Auto Glass
-Service Provider
-Social Media
Long Haul Trucking
Utility Trailers
General Contracting/Construction

A number of the businesses are very large. One is more than $15 billion. Others are small to medium size companies and I have helped many independent entrepreneurs. This experience led to fine tune systems for success. Last year I released my first book “Building Business Profits Fast

Enhanced Systems

I have since been coached and mentored on enhanced system which are touched on in the book but not in-depth. The three main parts of the enhanced system are:

1. Organization Development or the Org Board
2. Admin Scale or The Spine
3. Management by Statistics

The scope of what are in these three categories is extensive. If we work together you will know the source and I will guide you step by step on how to implement these major tools. For now here is a brief summary

Org Board

Every company has 7 divisions and this applies to whether you are one person or millions. Knowing how to set up and manage your company within the structure of these divisions literally takes out the guess work in how to succeed. The next two areas actually fall under the umbrella of the org board – or at least that is how I think about it.

Admin Scale

My mentor refers to this as The Spine because like the human spine if one of the parts are damaged or out there is great pain. The Admin Scale consists of

Ideal Scenes
Valuable Final Product

Before I continue with the last part I want you to know that my coaching and consulting work accelerates the implementation of all of this by my attention to what is most important now and the gradually painting the entire picture. My message to you is do not be intimidated by the scope of what I am briefly describing here. Welcome it because you are now learning about the processes that if followed mean you cannot fail. You cannot!

Management by Statistics – There are 6 Basic Statistical Trends

(From a priority point of view capturing the data and running the graphs are just about the top of the list. This specific tool is the  reason I can confidently offer

Results-GuaranteedResults Guaranteed Coaching 

Non- Existence

I am including one example of one graph. Here is the important point: once you know the condition (what graph you are in) for any function, division or overall company performance there is a precise formula you follow for that condition. To follow it effectively the principles of the Org Board and Admin Scale must largely be in place.

affluence stat

Most of the detailed implementation steps that are published on my blogs and in my book are all used depending on the scope of the project. Going into all the details on marketing actions, The Gold Formula tm, Financial modeling, training and development is outside the scope of this article.

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Intellectual Understanding Does Not Mean You Will Implement 

One of my clients this morning told me the number one benefit of my program was keeping them focused on what is important.

In my experience people make a lot of progress during coaching and lose momentum if they interrupt the coaching process. For a Free Coaching Consultation Click Here  

May Your Success Exceed All Your Dreams and Desires

Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Steve Pohlit International, LLC Email Ph 727-587-7871
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Steve Pohlit, Business and Real Estate Coach, Consultant, Real Estate Investor. Published Author, Professional Speaker
Steve Pohlit, Business and Real Estate Coach, Consultant, Real Estate Investor. Published Author, Professional Speaker


Here Is What I Stand For – And What About You?

8I Stand For Life Rights – The Right of All To Live Their Intentions In Freedom and Peace

I Stand For:

Freedom of speech and that does not mean I can swear in a public place where that would interrupt the right of those around me to live their intention to freedom and peace Life Rights meaning they do not want to hear what is coming out of my mouth. This also goes for dogs left outside to bark incessantly.

Freedom to write whatever I am thinking and if that topic is for adults only then I say it is for adults only and it is then the responsibility of the viewer to protect their right to live their intention of freedom and peace. Life Rights

Freedom to express my views on marriage, gays, drugs, alcohol, sex, abortion and have the right to live those views without any interference from anyone else including and especially the government.  Remember I above all stand for the right for all to live their intentions in freedom and peace. So if I drive drunk I am violating that principle. If I am alone in my home using harmful substances including food and drink that are not good for me, I am choosing to not honor my own health but I am not influencing anyone else.That is my right and nobody has the right to tell me otherwise. I have the right to not have my life changed by the views of others that are opposite of mine as I don’t intend nor have any interest in changing their views. If someone else is in my home who does not agree with me then I am violating their right. For the record I don’t use drugs – legal or otherwise.

I hold myself accountable for my decisions and actions.  I hold  the same especially for those in government.  I hold them accountable for upholding the principles on which they were elected.  In the US that is our constitution.  Right now there are many at the top that should be arrested.

My mission is to have a lot more people pay attention. The issues of the current administration are huge. Are those issues more significant than others preceding it ? I cannot say with certainty, but that is not the point. With deficit out of control, scandals, loss of leadership status, decline of the dollar, lack of international respect,  the failure of the educational system, unemployment, welfare and the list goes on, demonstrates the current system is not working. If you don’t stand for the basic tenants of our original constitution then go to a country more in alignment with what you stand for.

There are many personal and business principles I stand for . What is relevant here is I stand for authenticity. I stand for truth. I stand for the foundation principles of our country as written in the original constitution.

First AmendmentLadies and Gentlemen – we cannot go on our lives thinking all is well. We cannot think that the people in leadership positions will make it alright – it is not happening.  You may be opposed to wealth, Obamacare, homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, Mormons, Christians, Jews, Muslims and more. It is time to understand we can prosperously co-exist and respect different views, How do we do that? Respect the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace. (Note if a group you support promotes the literal destruction of other groups it is they who should be destroyed.)

Steps To Achieve This:

1. Do not preach your views to me. Write about them, Broadcast them on YouTube, Radio, TV any media you want. But do not get in my face with them, do not influence our schools with views that are political, raciest , sexist and anything other that fundamental knowledge. Fundamental knowledge means a return to basic education. It means to focus on teaching people to think and know the meaning of self esteem. It means not changing the base line of what is required to advance because some people are not able to achieve it . When a person is not able to advance academically find out what there talent is and help they achieve that. Want some examples look at the lives of Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Ben Carson There are more.

2. Uphold the basic tenants of the United States Constitution as written by our founders.  When you don’t uphold those tenants, I stand for you as a legislator as a judge to no longer hold a position to which you were elected.  You will be ousted upon reasonable due course to not exceed 4 months. No elected official is entitled to benefits beyond the term they serve in office. Regarding terms, there will be a term limit not to exceed 8 years.

3. It is the responsibility of all governments in the US to operate with a balanced budget.

4. Scrap the IRS and adopt a personal consumption tax and a 10% profit tax on corporations with no tax exemptions. See point number 3

5. All public universities are free for those that qualify to stay with a passing grade. Part of the curriculum is the happiness formula and self worth that starts at the grade school level. One great example that I know of is the Delphi educational system. The more I learn about what they are doing the more I see the wisdom of that system.

6. The school system recognizes entrepreneurship as a valid career path and develops has a separate curriculum presented by people with a demonstrated success record in entrepreneurship.

7. Each person has a right to worship according to their chosen faith. They have the right to write about their views. talk about their views in the media. I do not accept anyone preaching to me without my permission. If your religion advocates abolishing another to advance your belief, it is you who will be abolished. This needs to be a worldwide goal as the abuses to others around the globe are outrageous and must stop.

8. If two people of the same sex decide they want to be married then our system needs to honor that and give them the legal rights of a married couple. Do I agree with their choice? I am not here to judge another. If they choose to pursue the adoption of a child, now we are in the arena of the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace. Is that child’s right violated? That is a valid topic for community debate.

8. A woman has the right over her own body.  If she is pregnant she loses that right within a short time of conception. To be defined but I am thinking 60 days with the exception if the pregnancy becomes a critical threat to her own life.

9. A person must be a legal citizen to vote and receive any type of benefits which should be very limited going forward. This means voter ID. This means you can work in this country but cannot send your children to our schools, be treated at our hospitals, vote, or receive any government assistance. If you think this is harsh, become a citizen. If you cannot become a citizen then live in a community of your peers and care for each other. During most of the history of the US we lived in a system where neighbors and communities took care of each other. Most of the benefits promised by our government need to be eliminated with people setting up neighborhood and community programs to take care of each other. Look how much money it frees up when regulation at federal and state level is eliminated.

10. Eliminate all laws that restrict people. To that point: elected officials should be measured on how many unnecessary laws they succeed in having removed. For example :

Reverse the law you must wear a seat belt or be fined. I will decide and if I don’t and hurt in a crash, my insurance company does not have to pay because I was not using the seat belt. I am in favor of seat belts but I am not in favor of laws like this.

Laws the tell private enterprise what to do. Consumers should demand accountability for the value of the product. If they don’t then they pay the consequences. If consumers accept genetically modified food, sugar, non nutrition foods with all the information available then let them. Don’t expect society to pay the health care bills.

Reverse the law of mandating restaurants bars and hotels as non- smoking. It is the choice of private enterprise.  You have a choice to go or not go. I would not go to a smoking friendly place but that is my choice.

(do you see how freedom has been eroded?)

Legalize drugs and regulate them like alcohol.  This is gradually happening with marijuana state by state but we must stop putting people in jail for using this product and no I don’t use it.

Legalize and regulate prostitution. This profession since the beginning of time should be a revenue generator not a use of tax dollars for enforcement. The regulation should be for clean places with health reports on the workers. Refer to the tax reform above.

That is a start. What do you stand for?

Steve Pohlit
Ph 727-587-7871

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Steve Pohlit, International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach
Steve Pohlit, International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach


The First Quarter Ends Soon – Are You On Track Track To Achieving Your Goals?

Achieve Your Goals With A Proven Process for Success
Achieve Your Goals With A Proven Process for Success

As soon as I post a headline like the one above along with this chart most people are thinking money.

Goal Achievement Is Not About The Money

If it is not about the money, then why is there so much focus on the money? Because income is the one objective statistic of results achievement. Everyone I work with tracks more than 5 statistics on a daily weekly basis intended on moving them toward their income goal. These statistics are measured and graphed. The graph tells us the condition of that statistic and we can then apply an action based on the condition. For example if the action is to communicate with relevant groups on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn a target is set for how often this will be done. The target is set along with all other action steps based on the persons time availability considering other goals.

What Other Goals?


As an example at the start of the this year I renewed my commitment to achieving my ideal weight. A month into this year I really had not made much progress. Then I noticed a group formed to achieve healthy weight management and lifestyle goals. I joined. Now one month later I have made great progress to achieving my goal. It looks to me like I will hit my goal in 2-2.5 months. Like in business there are key statistics I am tracking and not just my weight. So the logic we use in business is applied to other goals that we define as being important. I coach people on related goals if they want that help along with achieving their business goals. Normally goals in the areas of health, family, spirituality become increasingly important topics when income goals are not being achieved.

Great Steve But What About You – How Are You Progressing Toward Achieving Your Goals?

This is a fair question as I should be a demonstration of my coaching process working. I already addressed the progress of one major goal. In the area of my own business performance, I have not been on track in January and February. Toward the beginning of February, I took action intended to move my results close to or ahead of plan. I am happy to say there has been significant progress in the past three weeks and I can see the statistics I track showing me I am moving in the right direction now. There is more to do. However the stats I track tell me actions needed.

The Secret Sauce

1. Why – your why statement for each goal is very important. My Why Statement was the first document I developed before starting on my plan to achieve my ideal weight. This was supported by like minded people. Being in the group I am in is very valuable. In business having a clear why and having a coach makes all the difference. I know you think I am just saying that because part of my business is being a coach. If that is your view nothing I write here is going to change that. I do suggest you take a poll of successful people and ask them if they have worked with a coach and did it help them.

2. Statistics – tracking and graphing stats is so important. The graph tells you what to do. This is at the foundation of my coaching and is the biggest advancement I have made in my career. I learned this in the Stats Seminar led by Meir Ezra

Now It Is Your Turn

If you are not on track – what are you going to do about it and when?

No Hype – No BS – Just The Facts

Results-Guaranteed“I stand behind everything I present and say related to business. If I guarantee the results – I guarantee the results. What I write and say is totally authentic and accurate. If I discover something that was written or said is incomplete or inaccurate, you will hear the correction from me.”

Steve Pohlit
“Results Guaranteed”
“Your Success Is My Business”

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Thank you,
Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Steve Pohlit International LLC

Steve Pohlit, International Business  Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach
Steve Pohlit, International Business
Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

Relationship Capital and Leverage

Relationship Capital

The value of the relationships you have and are developing is relationship capital.  This is the single biggest reason for my career moving forward again in 2009 after being stalled for a number of years. It was late summer 2009 and I had successfully launched an on line membership site using social media marketing. However, financial prosperity was not developing as I preferred. I reflected on my situation at that point in comparison to those periods in my career when I was “on my game” and doing very well financially. I identified personal contact with highly successful people as being the difference. In 2009 I was connected with a large group of people online. However, my personal connections were largely dormant. I made a commitment to  reestablish a vibrant network with successful people….I visualized that already being in place. Several weeks later, I received a phone call from a person I didn’t know. However, I spent time with him and that one call led to an acceleration of my business and real estate coaching career. Most importantly, it led to a rapid acceleration of my network with successful people.

The door was opened and I worked it very hard and still do today. The relationship capital continues to get stronger because I focus on bringing as much or more value to the relationship as I gain from it. In the Universe it is called the Law of Reciprocity.  You may be familiar with “what goes around, comes around” or what you send out comes back to you. Personally adding value to another is my greatest reward. Just yesterday I received an email thanking me for the work we did in 2011. The person said he would have most likely lost his business had it not been for our relationship and our coaching.

This is so important I am modifying one of the chapters in The Book on Business Profits which is in development. In this message I will share with you several key steps you can take to build your relationship capital in a major way even if you are in a situation with very limited financial resources.  Relationship capital extends to our personal lives as well and that is a subset for a future article.


Leverage is a term that is not well understood in the business sense. I summary, leverage is where you focus on where your talents are best used and work with others who have complementary skills for work that is  needed in your business. For example, in the  real estate investment business there are just several key categories of activity including: finding the deals, renovating the properties and sourcing the funding. Some people are very skilled with building and repairing.  I can assure you I am not one of those people so I find those with that skill set.  One important point if you are responsible for your business…you cannot leverage the responsibility for being the leader. If you don’t want to be a leader then you probably are best served working on someone else’s team or for a company. There is nothing wrong with being a team member or working for a company. I held a number of those positions and those experiences contributed to my growth and development.

Five Steps To Developing Relationship Capital Right Now Even If You Are Not Connected With Anyone Successful and Have Very Limited Financial Resources

1. Network Marketing or MLM – I am a major advocate of quality companies in this industry because of the network you can build and the training you will receive for very little money. The one principle that took me many years to learn was to market those products that many people are already buying and using. With that criteria in mind there are primarily two businesses I suggest everyone take a close look at because you will benefit greatly from using the products and they are easy to suggest to others.  Both of these businesses have greatly enhanced the incentives to getting started right now.  They are:

a. Send Out Cards – I love this as I can send cards more economically sitting in front of my computer than I can going to the store, picking out a card, writing a note, addressing it and mailing it.  You can get started in this business as a business owner for about $300. Imagine that for $300 you can be in business and if you don’t want to be in that business, people will love getting cards from you. Sending cards is the number one tool in my view for building relationship capital following a personal meeting. Click Here Now for More Information

b. Organo Gold – Amazing health benefits just by drinking what most people are already drinking…coffee , tea, hot chocolate. This article will be on line for a long time. Right now and for the next 60 days I know you can join this business by acquiring a special gold pak for $500. That is how I joined the company nearly a year ago. Gold members are positioned for maximum compensation. Normally a gold pak is about $1,200 which is still a deal but $500 is better. Click Here For More Information

c. Coaching – joining a coaching program is much more than having an expert help you. The right coach will help you build relationship capital. You will be hiring an expert which takes funds. Personally I have my next level of coaching expertise identified and will hire that person as soon as possible.

d. Leverage your time and skills with people who have funds to put to work. For example I would love an energetic person to introduce Organo Gold to every independent coffee shop in my market and help charitable organizations understand how this product line can help them raise sizable funds. I am prepared to sponsor them, and help them with some expenses like the cost of samples and gas for their car.  In the real estate business, we are always looking for people who want to learn real estate investing and want to become an apprentice with us.  They need to be able to fund their personal  expenses for 4-6 months.  There are other ways to leverage once you start thinking in terms of what you can bring to the table in terms of time and skills and combine that with a deal partner interested in putting their money to work. Note if you are in the situation of limited funding it will require  alot of work to find a person who will work with you and support your plan.

e. Network business events, training events, charitable events, political fund raisers, social events and more.

Summary – Relationship Capital is key to your success, Leverage is key to you optimizing productivity and performance.

Contact me now.

Steve Pohlit

International Business Development Consulting
Real Estate Investment Consulting
Executive Coach

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Steve Pohlit is a CPA,MBA and has been the CFO of several major domestic and international companies. Today Steve is an expert business consultant focused on helping companies improve their business performance including growing profits, revenues and customers. For a FREE 6 week mini course where you will receive 10 easy to implement action steps guaranteed to increase business revenue and profits by at least 30% in the next 90 days, please visitwww.StevePohlit.com  All articles published by Steve unless specifically restricted may be freely published with this resource information.


Build Facebook Likes and Your Email Lists With Lead Capture Toolkit

Jason Doucette Launches Lead Capture Toolkit

I have been coaching Jason Doucette on building business profits using his technical programming skills.  Lead Capture Toolkit was an idea that emerged and Jason has now launched this program.   Essentially it is an application that  helps you build your Facebook Likes by offering an incentive that people receive when they register their name and email address.  This registration information is integrated with popular autoresponder systems. I have set on up on my Facebook Page and I use the autoresponder  service by Aweber

The Primary Advantages of Lead Capture Toolkit

Most everyone appreciates the value of building your list.  Most marketers have autoresponder accounts and build relationships using email marketing communications as a primary tool.  Facebook is one social media site that has become hugely popular with companies and entrepreneurs since restructuring their Page feature.  You probably have seen requests to Like My Page.

Lead Capture Toolkit adds  to your Facebook page the option to offer an incentive for a Facebook Fan to join your email list. Once set up, (the set up is very straight forward)  the process is very smooth for a subscriber. Subscribers receive the opt-in confirmation in their email which in compliance with no spam practices. Once confirmed they receive the incentive you offer which is a well known and proven to work technique for building your list.

The benefit for you in using Lead Capture Toolkit is you are building your list as you build your Facebook fans.

I have been testing the functionality of Lead Capture Toolkit for about a month. It is easy to set up and integrates very easily with Facebook.  Part of the coaching has been to enhance the training through videos and text on the steps to install this valuable application. Click Here and Check It Out. You are welcome to leave your questions and comments here or connect with Jason.

Action Steps

Click Here Now for Lead Capture Toolkit. Jason did not follow my advice on pricing.  It is very low.  Get it now before he changes his mind and raises the price.  Yours can be free by simply becoming and affiliate and having just two people buy it from your link.  It has been approved by Click Bank and is now listed there.

Action Steps

Get A Business Coach! If you already have a business with more than 10 employees, Hire A Consultant who is  able to work with you part of the time on-site.

Would you like to be in the next group of very successful companies and entrepreneurs?

Contact me now.

Steve Pohlit

Business Development Consulting
Executive Coach

Social Media Services
New Digital Media, Inc.

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About: Steve Pohlit CPA,MBA has been the CFO and COO of  major domestic and international companies.  Steve has extensive business ownership experience having purchased and started off line and on line businesses.

Steve offers his  build business profits expertise to companies and entrepreneurs with business coaching and business consulting.  His  focus is on building business  profits and net asset value at above average rates.  Steve incorporates health and wellness plus relationship guidance in his work as they are at the foundation of achieving all goals.

All articles published by Steve unless specifically restricted may be freely published with this resource information.



Social Media Synchronicity or A Blueprint For Building Profits With Social Media and Internet Marketing

There are many moving parts in the social media world and they are expanding exponentially as entrepreneurs and business giants develop tools capitalizing on the rapidly increasing numbers of people using social media resources to communicate and promote.

In 2009 I launched my first successful venture built entirely using social media resources. This means that I developed connections on key sites including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. I built awareness of my business by delivering valuable free content with the promise of more in-depth information for those who joined my membership site. If you want to see how that works, register for my free course at Manifest Mastermind.

I did almost all the social media building myself with the help of some automated tools for growing Twitter followers. In doing that I realized how much work was involved in building a social media network the right way and concluded most people would not do it. I began and still advise business owners and managers to outsource this work as a lot of it was actually rather tedious. I realized the business opportunity and established the company New Digitial Media, Inc. The sole purpose is to develop a social media and internet marketing development funnel for you.

I now have nearly three years experience using social media sites and tools for the purpose of building an marketing funnel that results in attracting targeted clients and customers. This article presents the foundation tools I started using in 2008 which are as relevant today as ever. This article also contains my latest thinking on the tools that everyone should consider for a well founded on line marketing funnel using social media and internet marketing tools.


I chose that word because I learned from Robert Ringer that optimal success long term occurs most frequently when all components are working well together. I have included Internet Marketing in the title and reference it here because at the core of Internet Marketing are websites and email autoresponders. These continue to be integral components to the on line marketing silo of a larger building profits program.  I teach the building profits foundation course to audiences across North America and use  the in-depth modules with my consulting and coaching clients.

The Blueprint

This is a brief  outline of The Online Marketing Blueprint. To include explanations at this point would result in a book. In fact I am writing The Book On Business Profits which will include details of the components of this Blueprint and a lot more. Register now at the quickly created by me without any graphics web page and you will receive bonus announcements plus text and audio samples of the book when it is released by the end of January.

The Blueprint Outline (non – diagram format):

Foundation Tools

Domain name that matches your business name (or at least close) Dot Com only
Website for branding
Wordpress based blog (not on WordPress.com) for building credibility and your list
Autoresponder Account

Foundation Social Media Tools

Facebook personal profile
Facebook business fan page (flow your articles and other relevant updates here)
Facebook group (only if you plan on being an active group leader)
Two Twitter accounts…one personal and one business. Use both for business
A LinkedIn account with a personal profile emphasizing your business
A YouTube account

The newest brand building tool you will soon here a lot more about is optional of course however, you should get started now with this. http://VideoTVTalk.com With this tool you can send branded email video messages, have branded webinars and on line meetings, your own branded TV site that can be pay per view if you want.  I am really excited about this and I am working on my branded email backgrounds and branded page for my videos now.  In the meantime Click Here to visit the site and check:  out the features and benefits.  One major benefit is that with your branded site and videos there is no advertisement or competitor diversions like we have with YouTube.   See my first example of a private label site. Note you will be able to tell I have not used a professional designer. This is my first presentation of a branded video website. It took be a several hours of playing around to get this done on top of the time for the video. What is really cool is that this will all continue to get better.  Click Here to check it out.

Note: Use Video TV Talk continue to use YouTube more about that in future articles and videos.

Local Search and Marketing

For most people, thinking in national or global terms for on line marketing is common. Local marketing seems to be confusing for many but it there are really few differences.  All the foundation tools and accounts are valuable for most local businesses.  The issue seems to be one of understanding. Local business owners often do not have the time to stay current with marketing opportunities and if they do then they do not have the time.

There is a huge opportunity for people to help local business with marketing. The problem with that is there are very few people who really understand market in relation to the number of businesses that need the help. So you have people promoting products and services to business owners who are not skilled and experienced.

I am beginning to recruit people who want to work with me and where I will show them the step by step process of how to introduce business profits building marketing to businesses and then coordinate the implementation with my company’s staff at New Digital Media, Inc. If you have an interest my contact information is below.

Return on Investment (ROI)

I only offer clients what they need to get started and make incremental profit.  Companies need to see an ROI before being asked to invest larger amounts.  With any business, including locally owned and operated businesses, a domain name and at least a basic website with contact information is essential. That way they can register as a company and come up on local search with engines like Google.  Once that is in place then I want to address ways to build traffic to the site, build a list and build business.

Call To Action

All companies want their on line visitors to do just one of the following:

Physical visit if the business is retail or retail services

Buy on line if the company has an ecommerce business


Subscribe to the list

Social media marketing, internet marketing must lead to a call to action.  Now call me or email me and let’s discuss how we can work together.  All contact information follows.

Thank you,

Steve Pohlit

Business Consulting, Executive Coach
Turnaround/Crisis Management
Temporary CEO, CFO, Controller Services

Social Media Services
New Digital Media, Inc.



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About: Steve Pohlit CPA,MBA has been the CFO and COO of  major domestic and international companies.  Steve has extensive business ownership experience having purchased and started off line and on line businesses.  Steve offers his  business building experience to companies and entrepreneurs with business coaching and business consulting.  His  focus is on building business  profits and net asset value at above average rates.   All articles published by Steve unless specifically restricted may be freely published with this resource information.

On Line Marketing: The Formula I Recommend And Why

Question: What Is The Goal of  Business Growth Marketing?

Answer: Traffic and Conversion!

What this means is that in order to grow your business with new customers,  there  needs to be  a stream of relevant traffic interested in what it is you offer.  Your job is to move this traffic from interested to “I’ll Take It” !

Question: How do you move people from being interested to buyers?

Answer: In my experience, people become buyers when a relationship and trust is established. Also, for professional services and many physical products, people want to talk to a person before making a final decision. Contact information including an email address and phone number is very important.

Building A Relationship On Line

The process that has worked for me has at it’s foundation a blog.  The blog has a contact capture form with a reason for people to give you that information. Their name goes into a autoresponder system for follow- up messages with value added content.  Value added content can be tips, a link to another blog article, examples of what is working and direct educational material. Each follow on email should have a signature with a link for more information and contact information.

The blog is the home for valuable content or articles that offer valuable information. This can be current news and relevant “how to” information. Offering examples of what is working is another terrific way of offering value. Marketing messages can be in the signature and the article itself can be structured so the reader understands how your offer is a solution for their interests.

In summary, the blog and the autoresponder sequence is key to building trust and establishing a relationship. Links in the blog and emails can direct the reader to a direct sales page or a contact page.

With this foundation in place and continually growing, you now have the source of material for valuable updates using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Social Media is a major tool for helping you build your business.  I recommend you look at your social media network as an asset for your business that will continually become more valuable if it is properly managed.


I always recommend using at least two accounts, one personal and one business. Twitter seems to regularly modify how it is enforcing its terms of service. Having multiple accounts reduces the risk of going completely off of Twitter because of an account suspension. However, if you post quality messages to valuable content plus use tweets that have no URL in them that demonstrate you are interacting, they you should not have any problems with account suspension.

Building a Twitter following and managing tweets through that network can be a significant commitment of time. I highly recommend leveraging or outsourcing a lot of this work. My company New Digital Media, Inc. has been established specifically to help you with this.


There are three primary channels on Facebook that should be used that do not cost money. One channel is pay per click advertising does cost money. Regarding pay per click on Facebook,  my initial tests are positive. It appears advertising on Facebook is cost effective. More on this in a future article.

The first area that should be built on Facebook is your profile. There are many exceptions to the rule that profiles are to be personal. Currently I do not advise spending time building a business profile as there is a high risk of being deactivated.  Your personal profile can and should have clear links to your business.

My focus has been on building my profile and my friends list is primarily for business purposes. As I approached the 5,000 friends limit on Facebook I created a fan page. While I am not a fan of the label fan page, it is channel for expanding your network and there are no limits to the number of fans. If your goal is to build a fan page for a business (Facebook encourages business fan pages) then I recommend a build strategy that invites friends to a fan page, uses Twitter to promote your profile and fan page and test Facebook ads to build your fan page. I have seen very effective ad campaigns that have built fan pages fast so I know this works. If you build a fan page then you should have a communication strategy for developing the interest of your fans.

Facebook Groups are one of my favorites for building business since once a person joins your group, generally they are very interested in messages related to the topic of the group. For example, I have the group Build Business Profits on Facebook which ties into the theme of this blog as well as my social media blogs.  The feedback I receive from messages sent to this group as well as several other targeted groups I have built is consistently positive.

Other Social Media Sites

I highly recommend using YouTube and I have done  a lot of YouTube work in the past and will be stepping up my YouTube activity again this year. I also recommend LinkedIn  There are many other social media sites and I have some work being done on a handful of other sites. However, with the growth in Facebook and Twitter I continue to concentrate on those two. Up and coming and closely being watched is Google Buzz.

The Number One Key Success Factor

While I am always building my social media network and the network for clients of New Digital Media, Inc. the most valuable asset in social media is the quality of information offered in articles and personal communication.  With my own accounts and those of clients there is always a focus of adding value and blending with personal messages.  I have no automated messages flowing through Facebook and I am paying increasing attention to the balance of non automated messages on Twitter.


My focus is having people connect with me on my offers. This is what I always advise clients as well. Consistently there is contact information with articles, contact name and email forms feeding an autoresponder with an email message sequence and published phone information.  This is fundamental internet marketing.  There is always more including search engine optimization,  search engine pay per click, squeeze pages and more. However with a consistent focus on building a relationship with people who are interested in your products and services, you will be able to stay focused on those on line tools most effective for your business.

Then there is off line marketing which is a topic for another article.

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About: Steve Pohlit is a CPA,MBA and has been the CFO of several major domestic and international companies.  Steve is a business owner and an expert business consultant focused on building profits and net asset value. He is very experienced with Internet marketing and social media marketing.  All articles published by Steve unless specifically restricted may be freely published with this resource information.

Carl’s Jr. Very Effective Use of Social Media, Internet Marketing, Video, More

Carl’s Jr. has over 1100 locations with 772 in California. They have no locations in my current home state of Florida. However, because of my business consulting experience in the restaurant industry along with a controversial video commercial released by Carl’s several years ago, I became aware of this restaurant business. I learned it was  founded with the purchase of one hot dog cart for less than $500  in 1941.

While reviewing a Facebook  application recommended by a friend I noticed an ad on the site for Carl’s.  Of course I remembered the original video that was absolutely outrageous and wondered if they had posted it on Facebook.  (They did not.)  What I did notice was they have almost 68,000 fans, they are promoting a new sandwich, offering an incentive coupon and their fan page wall is extremely active.

I went a little deeper and clicked to their website.  I stayed there maybe 5-8 minutes watching all their video commercials. They are very entertaining. I registered for their newsletter. The visuals, sounds and messages of the videos and the images of the graphics are terrific. If there was a location nearby I would be a customer.  I also feel that the next time I visit the West Coast I will look them up. Their presentation is that good.

Carl’s Jr has links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flicker on their website.  I am not sure if they have expanded onto other social media sites. If  asked I would  recommend they be on every major social media venue. Clearly the visuals and sound are huge assets for their messages about their food.

Food isn’t the only attraction as evidenced by one YouTube video with Audriana Partridge in a hot gold bikini eating one of Carl’s Jr.’s famous sandwiches. This video has already been viewed over 545 thousand times with most others by Carl’s Jr.  being viewed in the range of 20 thousand.  Think about the value of one YouTube video being viewed over one half million times.

I did a brief review of Facebook to see if key competitors are using social media. Facebook members have activated McDonald’s and Wendy’s fan pages. Neither company seems to have an active Facebook presence.

I am a major advocate for using social media to build business profits. But here is the key as demonstrated by Carl’s Jr.: you have got to have a hook.  Carl’s is kicking butt in their ads for size, quality and price vs. McDonald’s.  Then they add amazing visuals, incentives, and are definitely on top of their game when it comes to strengthening social relationships.  So they are hitting on all cylinders including the use of a well toned body wearing little excited about a huge order of food. What an amazing contrast and Carl’s Jr. pulls it off marvelously just as they did a few years back with a famous celebrity promoting their food wearing near nothing on the hood of a car.  It was amazing.

On video and in pictures, Carl’s Jr. looks like  great tasting food. I assume that is the case with more than 1,100 locations. Of course that is key for sustained growth in same store sales as well as sustained growth in the number of locations. Somehow I suspect the food experience is great and I will confirm that one of these days. If you have eaten at Carl’s Jr. please share your experiences including what you ordered.

Great  example Carl’s Jr. of executing very well on fundamentals.

Sending you energy of health, happiness, prosperity

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Build Profits on Facebook

Build Profits is  back on Facebook.  This group was originally started in mid-2008.  Early morning on July 8, 2009 the original group was compromised. Within Facebook’s system, the practical solution was to shut down the  group and restart.

While being absent from Facebook, the strategy for the new Business Profits Facebook Group was modified.  The scope of what will be presented to members of this group will be totally awesome. Build Profits will cover all proven proven principles, processes and tools  for building profits and building business asset value.

Some of the information on tools and techniques for Building Profits  are fairly new when placed on the “business knowledge” timeline. For example, members will receive proven social media network and social media marketing guidance. Yes I will  include how to use  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs and more to Build Profits. You will also always be reminded of the one certain measurement of how well you are building business profits and business value.

I am passionate  about the fundamentals of business and the tools we have.  I am also very passionate about how Universal Laws apply to all areas of our lives and yes that means business.  Members are in for a wonderful ride. Membership is free and all you have to do is go to this Facebook Link and join us.

I hope you join us. I would love to experience the contribution of your energy, experience and  wisdom.

This is the link Build Profits on Facebook

Sending you energy of health, happiness, prosperity

Steve Pohlit

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How To Fix The WordPress Worm

I dated this post since apparently the worm morphs as technology develops to stop it’s attack. So what is true for today may not be true for tomorrow. Right: the worm is on the loose. I noticed the alerts two days ago and began checking my blogs. This one was already infiltrated.

You can tell if you are diseased because the links don’t work and there is an administrator for your blog that you never added. You can tell when you check in your admin panel and see there is number greater than the admins you have authorized. The article at this link Click Here was helpful to me confirming the problem but I could not duplicate the fix the author was suggestion.

I found this article Click Here and actually it was the key for the solution for me. I did not seem to have the bad permalink code mentioned in article one but the links were a problem. I soon fixed those by defining my original permalink structure and my links started to work.

I called a tech friend of mine and he came over and we ran registry cleanup software and malicious spyware detector programs. He said he nuked all that was there and my system was clear to go. Well admin no 2 was still there, we could see him and part of his name was Obama. I am making not blaming the current person who was elected as President at all. I am just reporting on a portion of the name used by this worm.

So the brain trust problem solvers were stuck. Later I remembered article two above and said I am going to test a reinstall. Now that is totally scary since you are talking about starting with a clean slate – a really clean slate. My slate was never that clean after having been to the confessional as a child many times at the encouragement of my mother “you will go to confession young man or you will not be eating dinner in this house tonight” There were some appealing parts to my mom’s threats.

I selected a throw away blog. One that was a good idea at the time but lost appeal. Kinda like someone you meet at 2AM in the morning. With that blog I tested the nuke and rebuild approach. It worked.

Key Points:

You must use the WordPress backup and export to file features

I verified this worked by creating a duplicate first before nuking the original. You can see the duplicate at http://stevepohlit.com/stevereports.

When you export the content here is what is not included  and so you need to have a record of this :

your links

you will find the first post and a duplicate about page is created. You will see them if you look and delete them

If you are using widgets like I am here you need to copy the code for the ones you are using. I mean the ones where you are using ads, facebook widget, twitter widget, rss feed widget etc.

Notice at http://stevepohlit.com/stevereports that there is one widget that is not functional. This is the Google Friend Connect Widget which is site specific. I did not correct this on the duplicate.

Sharing with all my readers the energy of peace, happiness and abundance

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About: Steve Pohlit is a CPA,MBA and has been the CFO of several major domestic and international companies.  Steve is business owner and an expert business consultant, direct response and social media marketing  and social networking security expert . Steve is  focused on helping companies improve their business performance. All articles published by Steve unless specifically restricted may be freely published with this resource information.