A Mastermind Worked In The Depression, A Mastermind Will Work Now

Listen carefully to Napoleon Hill and how a mastermind was orchestrated to move America out of the depression in 1933. Key success factor: regardless of affiliation, leaders of media, political parties, churches and more aligned with the single minded purpose of moving the country from depression to prosperity.

Today is 2010. We have foreclosures, unemployment, a huge oil disaster, and more. I advocate the time is now to repeat the example set by Napoleon Hill for a mastermind with a single minded purpose. The single minded purpose is the same as it was in 1933 which is prosperity.

Personally I am right in the front of the line of being opposite of many situation created by our government. I can continue to be opposite or I can chose to focus on what is possible. We can fuel the engine of prosperity in America and the World with rocket fuel. It starts with a single minded purpose to do so. It has now started. The action steps for you begin following the video…watch it. Seriously, it is just over 6 minutes, watch it.

What you can do:

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