Host Gator Rated A – Siteground Rated F

Outstanding Host Gator Support 

I love acknowledging outstanding support.  I have been with both Host Gator and Siteground for a long time. Host Gator has nearly all my hosting business and is the host for all my clients when they need that service.  Until last night I had no complaints or problems with Siteground. I had simply registered a domain with them in 2006 as a test and was hosting that domain with them. I had no problems with them until last night.

On One Day I Had Problems That Required The Customer Service of Host Gator and Siteground The problems were big – at least to me. One of my main sites hosted by Siteground was completely down. Another very important site hosted by Host Gator showed a coding error after an attempted version upgrade that prevented me from doing anything,.

Problem Resolution

Siteground tech support by phone could not access the server (policy) so their work was limited. I was advised to complete a trouble ticket. I did and the response was pretty fast. Their advice was they could fix the problem (not caused by me) for a fee. Since everything had been renewed just 6 days ago and I had a backup on my hard drive (not as current as I would have preferred) I asked for a refund and said I would move the hosting and domain. I was informed there would be an early cancellation fee if I did that and so no refund. To make matters worse the first person I was communicating with went home and a new person took over and had no understanding of what was taking place. Recognizing I was getting nowhere fast I move the host and low and behold when I moved it everything was working perfectly. You can see it at 

HostGator tech support was by phone from the start.  It took awhile and finally the (Reggie H.) came on and said “Steve we have our best tech guy working this and he has not been able to fix it. The best we can do is a full restore from our backup which was done 2 days ago. I was fine with that since I had not made changes in the past two days.  About 5 minutes after that conversation,  Reggie called me back and said Tim S. – the guy with the reputation according to Reggie of being the master of solutions had solved the problem.  It took time and while I don’t really care for their on hold music the customer care and service was again outstanding.  Does that mean they can and will resolve any and all problems quickly? No it means they care and work to resolve the problem as best they can.  Thank you Reggie H. and Tim S. and the Hostgator team.  To see the site where that was down Click Here


Steve Pohlit International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach